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Gareth Jones

Managing Partner

Gareth Jones is a specialist in information technology and business transformation.  He has over 20 years of experience working in Asia Pacific implementing end-to-end information technology systems that manage mission critical business functions and enable business transformation. 

Gareth has extensive experience working with clients and businesses to develop and manage complex IT systems that support communication, sales, customer service, data collection and reporting.  He has run projects for large multi-national companies that involve technology, process and business transformation; and he has general management experience managing operations, teams and financials for businesses throughout Asia Pacific.

Gareth is a unique hybrid because he understands business strategy, management, technology and financials, and can lead diverse teams to design, develop and implement new systems, processes and reporting systems that help businesses operate more efficiently. His real value is taking business data and turning into business intelligence that helps management make better decisions.

An effective communicator and coach, Gareth has worked with some of the world’s largest companies, including Samsung, Microsoft, American Express, McDonald’s, Caltex and Chevron in design and implementation of hardware and software IT systems, process and productivity transformation and documentation, customer service experience and insights, and statistical and financial analysis.

A native of New Zealand, Gareth is a graduate of the Australian College of Commerce and Management and also holds certifications with multiple SaaS based software systems.  

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