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Healthcare for Hospitality

There is a clear convergence of interests between hospitality and healthcare. More hotels want to expand their guest services portfolio to include ‘medically light’ programs, and more hospitals are exploring ways to expand their reach beyond hospital-based, acute care.

intermedika has experience developing wellness, lifestyle medicine, anti-aging and check-up programs, and we have operated wellness clinics inside hospitals, hotels and resorts.  We work with clients to to deliver business strategy and planning, program development and feasibility analysis. Our goal is to help stakeholders configure the right product for the right audience. 

 Hospitals and hoteliers want new lifestyle products that create differentiation and capture the growing trend in well-care and self-care. Blending healthcare and hospitality offers new and exciting commercial opportunities for operators and investors alike. Intermedika is a bridge to help connect hospitality and healthcare.

Business Strategy & Planning

We help with strategic planning, program visioning, brand positioning, volume and revenue projections, and clinical program development for hospitals, hotels and resorts.

Feasibility Studies

We assist owners and investors evaluate CAPEX / OPEX requirements, budgeting, suppliers and vendors, medical staffing, medico-legal regulations.

Program Development

We develop healthy living programs that incorporate clinical, sports and fitness, and lifestyle modification.

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