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Strategic Healthcare Consulting

Intermedika provides strategic consulting services to healthcare investors, hospitals operators, and governments. 

Our team is comprised of healthcare executives who have built iconic brands, operated clinical facilities, and developed international patient programs around the world.  We understand the business of healthcare from the operator point of view, but evaluate it from the customer’s perspective.

Our strategic consulting activities focus on key drivers of the business – strategic planning, branding and positioning, medical staff, service line mix, customer touch points, patient acquisition, and margin management. We specifically look at the balance between capacities and capabilities; the alignment of the business plan, operations and marketing; and brand positioning.

We work collaboratively with management to understand the business and its challenges.  Our goal is to identify solutions that deliver growth, improve efficiency, impact margins and delight the customer.

Strategic Planning

We help organizations with enterprise-wide strategic planning, organizational visioning, brand positioning, volume and revenue growth projections, and clinical program development.

Business Planning & Feasibility Studies

We assist management evaluate new CAPEX intensive projects, financial impact analysis, financial modeling support, clinical programs and facilities; physician management and retention.

Investor Support

We provide investors with support services in the following areas: pre-due diligence; financial-business-management reviews; senior management recruitment; and post acquisition business rationalization.

Service Line Planning and Business Improvement

We help organizations to set priorities and allocate resources; optimize service lines and business processes; develop business plans for clinical and surgical programs and facilities.

Information Technology and Data Management

We help review current IT infrastructure, data collection; business intelligence and management reports.

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