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Medical Tourism Programs

There are thousands of hospitals competing to be become the next Bumrungrad International.  We understand that because we are the executive management team that led the transformation of Bumrungrad International into the world’s premier medical tourism destination.

Medical tourism is an attractive option for many hospitals and clinics, because medical tourists typically stay longer, spend more and repeat visit.  Attracting these high value patients is a boost to the business, the brand and the bottom line. Competing in this space; however, requires careful ROI calculation. 

We have over 30 years of experience in medical tourism working with hospitals, governments, and tourism promotion boards worldwide. Our work has been featured in media, business case studies, white papers and books, including 60 Minutes, NY Times, Newsweek, Financial Times, Fast Company and Aerotropolis: How We Will Live Next

We help define the business case for medical tourism and provide support in brand positioning, selecting clinical programs, and developing  patient management  platforms and processes. Our goal is to help hospitals and governments develop commercially viable medical tourism programs that fit their unique capacities and capabilities. 


Medical Tourism Business Case Assessment

We assist clients build a business case to evaluate the economics and impact of developing a medical tourism program. We take a 360º look at the rationale, drivers, capacities and capabilities, clinical offerings and budgets.

Medical Tourism Audit

We assist clients that already have a medical tourism program, but need help making it better. We take a deep dive into positioning, products and programs, lead management and conversion processes and platforms, markets, marketing channels and marketing spend.

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