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Medical Tourism Program Audit

Hospitals and health systems around the world want to develop medical tourism programs to drive more high acuity, cash paying patients through their doors. Building a commercially viable, globally competitive medical tourism program; however, requires balancing hospital economics, operations and marketing.

This audit helps organizations understand the costs and benefits of medical tourism before they invest valuable time, money and manpower.  We have deep experience working with governments, health systems, hospitals and investors on business and medical tourism strategy, because we built one of the most successful medical tourism businesses and brands in the world. 

Intermedika’s process starts with a review of your current business, clinical drivers, and patient support systems.  We then take a deep dive into your offering – positioning, programs, platforms, people, products and pricing. Lastly, we examine source markets, marketing strategies and budgets to attract medical tourists.

Our output is focused and factual. Our goal is to provide our clients with a realistic assessment of the risks and rewards of medical tourism, and best practices to guarantee success.

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