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Hospital Business Reviews

Intermedika’s hospital business reviews are a valuable diagnostic tool to help management identify parts of the business that are underperforming and need attention.

We take a 360º look at the business from organizational structure to product line mix. Our team is comprised of experts in management, operations, business processes, data analytics, marketing and branding.  Think of us as a SWAT team – we are methodical, identify problems quickly and offer practical solutions. 

Our process starts with an offsite review of your data and management reports followed by onsite interviews with key managers, tour facilities and evaluate outpatient and inpatient flows. We then take a deep dive into specific parts of the business that impact customer experience, financial performance and service quality. In 20 days we deliver a comprehensive report with findings and specific recommendations for improvement.  

This interactive and iterative discovery process produces a snapshot of the business to reveal misalignment, choke points and missed opportunities. We also highlight key strategic themes that play an important role in business planning.

Our hospital business reviews are similar to an annual check-up —  a good, cost-effective way to assess the health of your business so you can address issues before they become chronic problems.

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